ST Series Garbage Sorting Platform
add time:2017-09-05

ST Series garbage sorting platform is applied to sort the solid garbages out manually for the garbage handling companies or for the solid material sorting and conveying for other purposes.
Consists of
It consists of special belt conveyor sorting platform control unit safety device etc the waste plastics reach to the sorting hopper via belt conveyor the other residues go to next procedure.
Main Technical Parameter 
Model Conveyor height(mm) Belt width(mm) Belt linear speed(m/s) Max. Product height(mm) Max. capacity(t/h)
ST600 1020 600 0.25-0.5 200 30
ST800 1220 800 42
ST1000 1420 1000 60
ST1200 1620 1200 70
ST1500 1820 1500 90



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