PVC wood-plastic profile and extrusion line
add time:2017-09-05

Fetching in Europe and America advanced technology and uniting with domestic condition our company develop this production line.
This production line is mainly used to produce PVC profile such as Ceiling Deck Floor Cornice Plank Windows Door frame and board and etc.
1. Conical twin-screw extruder suitable for processing PVC powder and WPC raw materials.
2. Changing the moulds to produce many kinds of different PVC profiles.
3. Auxiliary machine: Mixing unit Mould Vacuum calibration table Haul-off machine Cutter and Stacker.

Technical data
Model Max.wide(mm) Extruder model Max output(kg/h) Drive motor power(kw)
YF108 108 SJZ51/105 150 18.5
YF180 180 SJZ51/105 or SJZ55/110 150/190 18.5/22
YF240 240 SJZ65/132 250 37
YF300 300 SJZ80/156 250 37
YF400 400 SJZ80/156 350 55
YF500 500 SJZ80/156 350 55
YF600 600 SJZ80/156 400 75

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